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Making Love, How to Create, Enjoy and Sustain Intimacy is available at: Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble

Robert Johansen and Todd Gaffaney's breakout book, MAKING LOVE–How to Create, Enjoy and Sustain Intimacy, is a beautifully written, easy to understand, clinically supported concept that teaches the reader how he or she can create and sustain love for their partner.

MAKING LOVE is an extremely important book for today's times, given that a staggering sixty-seven percent of couples married after 1990 are divorced.  Ironically, marriage counselors divorce at the same alarming rate as the national average.  While these failed relationship statistics are troubling, there is hope for a better tomorrow.

Authors Johansen and Gaffaney's research evolved into a ground-breaking and clinically tested model that gives readers the tools to thrive in their marriage or relationship.

Dr. Johansen talks with Dr. Foojan Zeine about loving relationships.

  • "The authors have brought a refreshing and new perspective to the difficulties and complexities of the intimate relationship.  Making Love offers a uniquely inspiring view on how partners can grow love for each other. I highly recommend it"

    –Sherry Lewis, PhD., LCSW, Author, Private Practice
  • "This book can change one's life.  The authors have lucidly presented profoundly simple principles that enable couples to understand their own needs, hear those of their partner, and work toward continued open and nurturing communication and fulfillment.  My own professional and personal growth after more than thirty years as a psychologist continues to be informed by this landmark addition to the practice of couples therapy."

    –Lester Mindus, PhD., Psychologist, Private Practice
  • "Drs. Johansen and Gaffaney have devised a very powerful model for effectively intervening in couples lives to improve their intimacy.  Their model reduces strife while teaching relating partners intimacy-building communication techniques. This book will benefit professional therapists and lay people alike."

    –Diana Haberland, M.A., Marriage and Family Therapist, Private Practice
  • "I had the great opportunity to put the principles contained in this book to a scientific test for my doctoral dissertation. The results of my research were very positive to say the least. But perhaps even more importantly, I have applied these principles with clients in my practice and have seen first hand how effective they are.  By offering an organizing perspective on the complex data couples bring to therapy, the model reduces anxiety in clients and treating therapists.  The model changes our traditional views on love and marriage. I strongly recommend it."

    –Ian T. Johansen, PhD., Clinical Psychologist, Private Practice
  • Dr. Robert Johansen has been in private practice for approximately thirty five years and is considered an expert in the field of marital therapy.  He is a noted author and lecturer, and co-founder of the Cerritos Psychological Center, a large private practice in Cerritos, California.

  • Dr. Johansen in collaboration with Dr. Gaffaney, has developed a model for treating couples who are experiencing marital problems.  The model has been clinically tested successfully on hundreds of cases.

  • Dr. Todd Gaffaney is a full professor of psychology at Cerritos College.  For thirty five years, he has taught a range of psychology courses.  His style includes eclectic, didactic , and interactive formats with his students.

  • Dr. Gaffaney is a co-founder of the Cerritos Psychological Center in Cerritos, California, where he practiced marital therapy for over fifteen years.